Vacuum consolidation


Vacuum consolidation settlement method applies suction through the horizontal pipe directly connected to vertically placed C-PBD or PCD in order to accelerate consolidated settlement of soft ground. This method early suppression of the settling of the remains and compresses the air by giving the loading effect around the 10m diameter even without progressive surcharge and preloading.

Shape and type
  • 1Ground improvement is possible in a short period of time.
  • 2Advantageous in reducing installationtime or lowering construction costs.
  • 3Danger of transformation in surrounding ground can be diminished.
  • 4There is no need for horizontal drain layer.
  • 5Environmentally friendly construction method allows environmental safety.
Comparison with the Existing Vacuum Consolidation Method
Existing vacuum consolidation
  • Defective sealing when vacuum membrane is damaged
  • Rapid decrease of vacuum efficiency when the different layers are distributed
Individual vacuum consolidation
  • Airtight sheet is not required, and horizontal displacement control is available
Method of installation

1.Stan by installation

2.Vertical drain installation


4.Connecting with vacuum pump

5.install electricity

6.Protecting layer and surcharge (if necessary)